Near infrared with Ramsay Mead

Increase your healing energy with near infrared light therapy

We’re excited to highlight a recently released ebook that equips readers to utilize near infrared in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Within this ebook, author Ramsay Mead shares learnings and insights from his 20 years of red light therapy experience. Furthermore, you’ll get access to 15 poses to practice in front of either our Sauna Comfort 4 light or 2 light arrays.

What to expect: excerpts from the introduction

Red Lite Reset focuses on the benefits of Red Lite or photobiomodulation and a series of targeted restorative stretching of the fascia system – the fibrous connective tissue webbing that wraps and supports muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs, nerves and well, everything.

This series focuses on key positions, poses and postures that make a health impact for everyone. I refer to it as an essential health reset returning energy balance. These fifteen energy movements target ways to unblock energy, calm and center the mind, and offset the negative residual of your day or what life may bring. Or, simply release the stored tension and slip into a deeper sleep creating a more pleasant environment for the next day.

I highly recommend the electric light infrared incandescent lamp sauna for the conditions focused on this book. It provides a safe alternative to other forms of photobiomodulation which emit harmful electric and magnetic fields (EMFs). It also provides a beneficial heat therapy and the same source can be used in a confined space for sauna sweat therapy. Near-infrared wavelengths deliver a radiant and penetrating tissue heating. These wavelengths heat our body up much more efficiently than far-infrared. Far-infrared saunas exhibit very shallow penetration into tissue and deliver less effective conductive surface heating. Near-infrared heat is a great therapy especially during cold months to raise the body temperature, produce sweat, and promote relaxation for those caught up in a stress cycle. It provides a feeling of warmth and relaxation directed towards healing and balancing the body.

Near infrared with Ramsay Mead

About Ramsay Mead

Ramsay discovered the healing powers of natural medicine as a teenager, when confronting an autoimmune condition known as Crohn’s disease. This led him to begin a journey of self-discovery and healing, and he has dedicated his life passionately to teaching and guiding others to discover self-healing and their natural path of optimal wellness. He uses his extensive background in energy medicine, clinical nutrition, and purification to blend Eastern methodology with science-based sensibilities. Ramsay consults on and designs natural health products, leads retreats and intensive training, and offers consulting.

Get your copy of “The Red Lite Fascia Reset” to start increasing your healing energy with Ramsay Mead.

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Portable sauna options

Portable saunas are gaining in popularity, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19 as people have been finding ways to maintain and indulge in self-care at home. Most people are familiar with the traditional saunas or steam rooms that have been available within gyms and spas. These group use facilities have been around for hundreds of years and have made the benefits of sauna use well-known and sought after. There are also portable steam saunas popping up for use at home.

We now have an option for a new type of sauna with infrared light. First discovered by Sir Frederick William Herschel and used by NASA, infrared falls under the dry sauna category and are also starting to pop up around the world in spas and wellness centers and also for at home use (as they are mostly portable saunas in nature).

Within the dry, infrared category, there are generally two types: far infrared (also referred to as FAR) and near infrared (also referred to as NIR) saunas. At Sauna Comfort, we focus exclusively on near infrared saunas as it utilizes half the energy and emits zero electromagnetic fields (EMFs) compared to FAR, while providing numerous health and wellness benefits.

Here, we provide an overview of the most portable to least portable (but still portable) near infrared solutions offered by Sauna Comfort.

Portable light arrays

Portable light arrays are used on their own or within an enclosure (which help trap heat). The Sauna Comfort light array options differ in the number of bulbs they offer: one, two or four bulbs.

The one or two bulb units are more commonly used to target specific spots within the body. They are also conducive to bringing with you on the go, as long as you’ll have a power source. Some customers have reported bringing these with them in an RV or using with a timer to help them wake up in the morning.

Used within our enclosures (see next two sections) or on their own outside of an enclosure, the four bulb options provide the most light intensity. This means they are most likely to get you sweating, especially when used within an enclosure.

Portable fabric enclosure

A portable fabric sauna enclosure provides a more traditional sauna experience and makes owning and using a sauna at home easier than ever. Here are four reasons we love fabric enclosures for near infrared saunas:

  • Ease of use: After initial assembly, it takes minutes to put up or take down.
  • Traps heat: The fabric enclosure heats up very similar to our basswood sauna enclosure.
  • Sturdy: Comes with a basswood frame and all seams are double and triple stitched.
  • Minimal profile: Its sleek design doesn’t make it an eyesore to leave up but also is easy to pack and store when not in use.

Portable wood enclosure

Wood enclosures arguably offer a more traditional or expected sauna experience yet are still considered a portable sauna. The time to set-up an all wood enclosure is considerably more than a fabric enclosure. Making the wood enclosure difficult to take down when not in use. However, it is possible to dissemble and move should you need to for a significant event, such as moving. Furthermore, the light array can be removed from the enclosure, creating a more “portable” element.

To learn more about using a near infrared sauna and its benefits, read why we love near infrared. To get set up with a near infrared light array and enclosure, shop Sauna Comfort.

Why near infrared saunas

When it comes to investing in a Near Infrared sauna, the top priority is maintaining long-term health above all else. Sauna use is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to taking care of your well-being.

In the realm of dry saunas, there are typically two main types: far infrared and near infrared. Here at Sauna Comfort, we specialize in near infrared saunas for a reason. We value the fact that near infrared saunas use half the energy and emit zero electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in comparison to far infrared saunas, all while offering a wide array of health benefits.

If you’re on the fence about whether a near infrared sauna is the right choice for you, take a look at this list we’ve put together of the top 12 reasons to invest in one. These reasons are grouped into two overarching themes for your convenience.

Compared to other types of saunas, near infrared saunas offer unique advantages:

– Heat your body directly, rather than the surrounding air, providing benefits even without an enclosure
– Use less energy by achieving results at lower temperatures
– Do not require pre-heating
– Emit zero electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
– Are inherently portable, making them more accessible and affordable for at-home use
– Provide various health and wellness benefits, such as:
– Rejuvenating skin by aiding cellular repair with near infrared light
– Increasing blood flow and improving circulation like exercise
– Activating the parasympathetic nervous system for relaxation
– Promoting healing in a natural and non-invasive way
– Inducing sweating for multiple benefits
– Improving circulation for faster muscle healing and pain relief
– Supporting overall health and wellness when used as part of a consistent self-care routine

With the discovery of infrared by Sir Frederick William Herschel and its use by NASA, ongoing research into the benefits of light therapy may reveal additional ways near infrared can enhance overall health and wellness.

Here we cover the basics on how to use an infrared sauna

If NIR Infrared is new to you we recommend starting out with just a light array, use in an open area. Enjoy the benefits of infrared, an enclosure can be added at anytime.

Infrared saunas are an affordable and accessible way to reap the benefits of saunas at home. Red light therapy can also help promote general wellness and may help aide the treatment of chronic health conditions. If you’re new to infrared saunas, we’ve compiled a list of the basics every beginner should know on how to use an infrared sauna.

Be mindful of your distance from the bulbs

For best results and comfort, we recommend sitting 18 to 20 inches away from the bulbs.

Keep track of your time

Time spent in front of near infrared lights will vary by person. For beginners, we recommend slowly introducing your body to the lights. Try starting with three to five minutes and increasing gradually per session. And we recommend avoiding too much time on your face and head area. Keep track of your time with each of our four red light arrays – there is a built in timer with the Sauna Comfy Classic.

Build up your frequency overtime

Again, the frequency will vary by person based on needs, health status, and different health conditions. It’s always best to be in tune with your body and consult your healthcare practitioner in developing a custom plan for your needs.

Have a good seat plan

It’s important to be comfortable during your sauna session. Beyond comfort, you also need to consider a seat that offers functional benefits. For a full body session, we recommend rotating every four to six minutes. It’s critical to have a good stool or seat that allows for you to turn with ease (and comfort).

Be careful with sweat around heated bulbs

A hot glass surface is likely to crack or shatter when splashed with water. Near infrared bulbs are no different. With sweat being mostly water, there is a chance the bulbs could shatter if splashed. Each of the Sauna Comfort light arrays come equipped with a stainless steel guard to protect you from accidentally rubbing or touching them. However, sweat could get through if you get too close and drip sweat (or water for that matter) onto the bulbs. We encourage you to be cautious.

Use eye protection

The intensity of the red lights is strong and with the chance of a bulb shattering (see note above), sunglasses are recommended while using. There has been evidence that near infrared light could be a safe and effective method for treatment within the ophthalmologic and neurological fields in the near future. But we recommend you consult your doctor.

To learn more about using a near infrared sauna, check out these 4 tips on using an infrared sauna. To get set up with a near infrared light array and enclosure, shop Sauna Comfort.

Red near infrared light

Prioritize your health and wellness with a near infrared sauna at home

When it comes to promoting overall health and wellness, saunas certainly rank high on the list. Fortunately, you no longer need to rely on a gym membership to reap the many rewards of regular sauna use. With innovative near infrared (NIR) light saunas, you can now safely and conveniently use a sauna at home – without breaking the bank.

If you’re considering an at home NIR sauna, we have four tips to help you make the most of your sauna and start soaking up the benefits.

Establish a routine

With a NIR sauna at home, you’re able to enjoy sauna benefits on a regular basis. However, as with any new wellness activity, it’s important to establish a routine to encourage and sustain your activity. We have found that our clients get the most use of their sauna when they have an established routine. This may take the shape of picking a general time of use, such as in the morning, afternoon, or evening. And it’s also helpful to have a plan and align sauna use with other activities, such as first thing in the morning before a shower.

Dedicate a space

Creating a calm and inviting environment can enhance your NIR sauna experience. You may be fortune enough to dedicate a whole room to your sauna, but a nook can also work with a portable NIR light array. As you determine the best space to relax and rejuvenate, Sauna Comfort offers three types of sauna use:

  • Portable light array: ranging from one to four blubs, use on their own within any space, such as a nook in a room or even take traveling with you.
  • Wood enclosure: custom built to fit your space, these enclosures are 100% basswood, have no off-gassing, and are more permanent – although they can be disassembled and moved.
  • Fabric enclosure: fabric with an all wood frame allows you to trap in the heat while also allowing you to easily take down and store or use as a room divider when not in use.

In general, know that you have options, and your space doesn’t need to be elaborate. But the more special you make your space, the more likely you are to use it.

Bring your essentials

Once you have your space and NIR sauna, there is little you need to worry about to start getting the benefits of sauna light therapy. To create even more ease, we have a list of what you’ll need for your regular use:

  • Water: hydration is key as you sweat
  • Towel: sweating can be induced and towel to keep dry and wipe up afterwards is recommended
  • Seat: comfort should be a top priority and you can choose from our Mighty Comfy Stool to a seating plan of your own choosing
  • Tunes and earbuds (or speaker): completely optional but definitely recommended for listening to your favorite music or even a guided meditation

Be in tune with your body

Whether you found a NIR sauna out of a desire for overall health and wellness or to alleviate a specific issue, you may already have a general idea on how you plan to use your NIR lights. To maximize the benefits, be aware of what your body may need or how it’s reacting to the lights. For some, this may mean more focused attention to a specific area of your body or it may mean taking your time easing into the light therapy by gradually increasing your time spent in the sauna.

Ready to put these tips into action? Explore our near infrared sauna light therapy products.

Here we highlight three benefits of sweating you could receive from dry saunas.

Saunas have been around for hundreds of years with infrared saunas recently making a surge in popularity. Red light therapy, although not a traditional sauna, lends itself more to individual use versus group use, and offers many of the same potential benefits. One of those benefits includes sweating.

Sweating in response to a workout or sauna use feels rewarding as it offers an immediate sense of accomplishment. But the benefits are not only mental. There are several benefits of sweating backed by science. We review some of those benefits here to help you determine if you’d like to take advantage of these rewards with a near infrared sauna.

Aides in detoxification

Our liver, kidneys, and gastrointestinal tract do the heavy lifting when it comes to detoxification. However, sweat (made up of mostly water along with trace amounts of minerals (such as salt), lactic acid, and urea) may also have a role in detoxification. Given the small amount of toxins that may be released in sweat, this benefit is currently debated. For instance, an article published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information states, “while sweat-induced detoxification certainly occurs, studies using sauna for detoxification purposes report more favourable findings with subjective rather than objective measures.” The article goes onto say there is evidence that induced sweating may eliminate “toxic chemicals and xenobiotics such as polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants, organochlorine pesticides, bisphenol-A (BPA), and phthalates”. These are promising statements, and we look forward to more research on this topic.

Protects you from harmful pathogens

Sweat released by your eccrine sweat glands onto our skin also contains an anti-microbial peptide, called dermcidin. Not only is it released through sweat, but the sweat helps also spread this natural antibiotic over our body. This can help protect you from harmful pathogens by killing them on contact. This sounds like our own version of a superhuman suit. Now that’s cool science!

Hydrates your skin

Have you ever seen your skin glistening after a sweat? This healthy glow gives you evidence of time well spent and often has us coming back for more. When you sweat, water helps hydrate your skin and the minerals can act as a natural exfoliator. However, be careful to not negate these benefits by letting the sweat sit on your skin for too long. Moisture wicking clothing isn’t necessary in a sauna (versus during a workout) but a clean towel and a shower after sauna use will help you avoid any irritation.

If you’re ready to get sweating, explore our near infrared light arrays and sauna enclosures.