The Red Lite Fascia Reset by Ramsay Mead

Near infrared with Ramsay Mead

Increase your healing energy with near infrared light therapy

We’re excited to highlight a recently released ebook that equips readers to utilize near infrared in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Within this ebook, author Ramsay Mead shares learnings and insights from his 20 years of red light therapy experience. Furthermore, you’ll get access to 15 poses to practice in front of either our Sauna Comfort 4 light or 2 light arrays.

What to expect: excerpts from the introduction

Red Lite Reset focuses on the benefits of Red Lite or photobiomodulation and a series of targeted restorative stretching of the fascia system – the fibrous connective tissue webbing that wraps and supports muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs, nerves and well, everything.

This series focuses on key positions, poses and postures that make a health impact for everyone. I refer to it as an essential health reset returning energy balance. These fifteen energy movements target ways to unblock energy, calm and center the mind, and offset the negative residual of your day or what life may bring. Or, simply release the stored tension and slip into a deeper sleep creating a more pleasant environment for the next day.

I highly recommend the electric light infrared incandescent lamp sauna for the conditions focused on this book. It provides a safe alternative to other forms of photobiomodulation which emit harmful electric and magnetic fields (EMFs). It also provides a beneficial heat therapy and the same source can be used in a confined space for sauna sweat therapy. Near-infrared wavelengths deliver a radiant and penetrating tissue heating. These wavelengths heat our body up much more efficiently than far-infrared. Far-infrared saunas exhibit very shallow penetration into tissue and deliver less effective conductive surface heating. Near-infrared heat is a great therapy especially during cold months to raise the body temperature, produce sweat, and promote relaxation for those caught up in a stress cycle. It provides a feeling of warmth and relaxation directed towards healing and balancing the body.

Near infrared with Ramsay Mead

About Ramsay Mead

Ramsay discovered the healing powers of natural medicine as a teenager, when confronting an autoimmune condition known as Crohn’s disease. This led him to begin a journey of self-discovery and healing, and he has dedicated his life passionately to teaching and guiding others to discover self-healing and their natural path of optimal wellness. He uses his extensive background in energy medicine, clinical nutrition, and purification to blend Eastern methodology with science-based sensibilities. Ramsay consults on and designs natural health products, leads retreats and intensive training, and offers consulting.

Get your copy of “The Red Lite Fascia Reset” to start increasing your healing energy with Ramsay Mead.