Near Infrared Light Therapy

See and Feel the Difference

Quality of life, we are passionate about near infrared (NIR) light therapy and what it offers us and our customers. Not only is near infrared more accessible and uses half the energy than traditional saunas, there are numerous health and wellness benefits Infrared Therapy provides:

  • Improve general wellness – feel better, sleep better, relieve pain
  • Increase circulation with infrared, addressing many skin and other internal conditions on a cellular level
  • Relieve sinus pressure, breathe better
  • Get relief from sore muscles, back pain, tendinitis, knee pain, neck and shoulder pain and much more
  • Detoxify by helping eliminate metals and chemicals

Relax | Rejuvenate | Detox 

Note: the information on this site is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice.

Handcrafted in the USA

Everything we make is handcrafted with care and precision.

From locally sourced basswood to the environmentally friendly design, we’ve worked hard to provide you with the highest quality near infrared saunas and equipment.

Whether you are looking to relax, rejuvenate, or detox, our NIR sauna products are built to last and are effortless to use.

Near Infrared and Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

At Sauna Comfort, we recognize that some people can have sensitivity to EMFs and radiofrequency (RF) radiation.

Among the host of health and wellness benefits, we were initially drawn to near infrared saunas as the bulbs used are incandescent. These types of bulbs emit extremely low EMFs, and when sitting approximately 16 to 20 inches there are zero EMFs.

Other bulbs, such as fluorescent and LED, can have high EMFs and should be avoided. Companies may also claim to have EMF neutralizing gadgets or that they have the best and only way to protect you from EMFs. We encourage wellness seekers to be careful of claims, research options thoroughly, and, ultimately, recommend conducting your own testing or having a whole home analysis completed by a professional if there are concerns.

What our customers say

This is the best purchase I’ve made in 10 years! After a toxic mold exposure I needed something to help me detox. This unit is hands down the best one I’ve found for many reasons. The design, craftsmanship, care, safety and efficacy of this product make it worth every penny and more. You are truly a wealth of knowledge and have created a superior product with amazing results!

August 12, 2017

Kimberly L, N CaliforniaSauna Comfy

Exceeded expectation!!
Absolutely gorgeous workmanship.
Looks beautiful and performs amazing.

April 18, 2018

Jeffery, Brookfield WISauna Comfort

The unit is SOLID. I have considered various vendors prior but chose to buy from Sauna Comfort based on the comprehensive features of their product and the excellent customer service. The Comfy has 4 bulbs with the frequency and wattage that I wanted. It also has a built-in timer as well as 3 separate on/off switches to control each row of light bulbs. The unit is portable but can be easily affixed onto an enclosure. We used to own an electrically-heated sauna with rocks onto top which took at least 1/2 hour to pre-heat. The Sauna Comfy turns on and is hot instantly and doesn’t require any preheating, it is warm, gentle and relaxing. We are overall very happy with this purchase!

December 28, 2017

Michelle K, BC CanadaSauna Comfy
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