Includes a host of health benefits, and one major

benefit of red and infrared light therapy is

pore cleansing on a

molecular level.    



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Imagine your own daily deep-tissue body massage.  Instantly feel the heat and comfort.

NIR Infrared saunas are the safest saunas on the planet for daily use.  


Relax. Rejuvenate.

Restore. StopPain.

Environmentally Sound

Sauna Comfort uses only hand-picked, Wisconsin grown Basswood lumber.  There are no toxic chemicals used in construction, no off-gassing of potentially harmful VOCs inside or out, and virtually no EMFs compared to many saunas.  And of course all our products are "plug & play", using standard household power.

USA Veteran  Designed &

craftsman Built Saunas


      Sauna Comfy

Sauna Comfort/

Built in Wisconsin, with local labor and lumber, Sauna Comfort is completely plug and play.  Set up in less than 60 minutes, they are easily moved should the need arise.  Order the complete SAUNA COMFORT, or the portable SAUNA COMFY, a four-light array, and use practically anywhere.

Red and Infrared light therapy enhances detoxification, relief from back pain, arthritis, inflammation, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, post surgical procedures, sinus, lyme disease and more.  The complete guide to NIR Infrared saunas by Dr. Lawrence Wilson is included with purchase of a SAUNA COMFORT or the SAUNA COMFY.

                Sauna Comfort

Saunas can be fun and relaxing!  Why not get maximum health benefits at the same time? In just half the time, using half the energy, you'll feel and see the difference with a Therapeutic Medical Grade NIR Infrared Sauna by Sauna Comfort.


100% NIR Infrared Technology built like no other. Step in and feel heat therapy instantly, no wasted pre-heat time needed. People that value their time will value a Sauna Comfort or the Sauna Comfy.