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The Red Lite Fascia Reset by Ramsay Mead

Increase your healing energy with near infrared light therapy We’re excited to highlight a recently released ebook that equips readers to utilize near infrared in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Within this ebook, author Ramsay Mead shares learnings and insights from his 20 years of red light therapy experience. Furthermore, you’ll get access to […]

Portable Sauna: Options for a Near Infrared Sauna

Portable saunas are gaining in popularity, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19 as people have been finding ways to maintain and indulge in self-care at home. Most people are familiar with the traditional saunas or steam rooms that have been available within gyms and spas. These group use facilities have been around for hundreds of […]

13-Reasons to Get a Near Infrared Sauna

When it comes to investing in a Near Infrared sauna, the top priority is maintaining long-term health above all else. Sauna use is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to taking care of your well-being. In the realm of dry saunas, there are typically two main types: far infrared and near infrared. […]

How to Use Infrared Saunas: What Every Beginner Should Know

Here we cover the basics on how to use an infrared sauna If NIR Infrared is new to you we recommend starting out with just a light array, use in an open area. Enjoy the benefits of infrared, an enclosure can be added at anytime. Infrared saunas are an affordable and accessible way to reap […]

4 tips for making the most of a near infrared sauna

Prioritize your health and wellness with a near infrared sauna at home When it comes to promoting overall health and wellness, saunas certainly rank high on the list. Fortunately, you no longer need to rely on a gym membership to reap the many rewards of regular sauna use. With innovative near infrared (NIR) light saunas, […]