12 Reasons to Get a Near Infrared Sauna

Why near infrared saunas

Within the dry sauna category, there are generally two types: far infrared and near infrared. At Sauna Comfort, we’re exclusively focused on near infrared saunas. We love that near infrared utilizes half the energy and emits zero electromagnetic fields (EMFs) as compared to far infrared, while providing numerous health and wellness benefits.


For those considering near infrared and wondering if it’s right for you, we’ve compiled a simple list of the 12 reason to get a near infrared sauna grouped under two general themes.

Compared to other sauna types

  1. Heats your body directly, instead of the air around you, you can enjoy many benefits even without an enclosure
  2. Uses less energy by achieving results at lower temperatures
  3. Requires no pre-heating
  4. Emits zero electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
  5. Inherently portable, making saunas more accessible and affordable for an at home experience

Health and wellness benefits

  1. Rejuvenates skin as mitochondria soak up the energy from the near infrared light which aides cellular repair
  2. Similar to exercise, the heat increases blood flow and expands blood vessels leading to improved circulation
  3. Parasympathetic nervous system is activated leading to relaxation
  4. Natural and non-evasive way of promoting healing
  5. Induces sweating which has several benefits
  6. Improves circulation which promotes faster healing of muscles and relieves pain
  7. Promotes overall health and wellness as part of a consistent self-care routine, can help heal on a body-wide level

We also consider this a space to watch. Near infrared saunas are relatively new compared to traditional saunas. With infrared first discovered by Sir Frederick William Herschel and used by NASA, the benefits of light therapy continue to be researched and there are many other promising ways near infrared can support one’s overall health and wellness. We wish you luck in your journey and invite you to keep track of our articles on the Sauna Comfort blog or explore our near infrared sauna products.