From the E book; Skin Glow Detox  for natural beautiful skin by Ramsay Mead.

The Author
Ramsay discovered the healing powers of natural medicine as a teenager, when confronting an autoimmune condition known as Crohn’s disease. This led him to begin a journey of self-discovery and healing, and he has dedicated his life passionately to teaching and guiding others to discover self-healing and their natural path of optimal wellness. He uses his extensive background in energy medicine, clinical nutrition, and purification to blend Eastern methodology with science-based sensibilities. Ramsay consults on and designs natural health products, leads retreats and intensive training, and offers consulting.

Near-infrared light and heat, unlike traditional saunas, do not require plumbing. Therefore, they do not use steam, which heats the inner surface space of the sauna and anyone or anything that enters into the confinement of the sauna. Sauna therapy is an often-overlooked modality in the treatment of many health-related problems, and I cannot emphasize enough the power of near- infrared saunas.

Near-infrared wavelengths deliver radiant, penetrating tissue heating. These wavelengths heat our bodies up much more efficiently than far- infrared. Far-infrared saunas exhibit very shallow penetration into tissue and deliver less effective conductive surface heating. Near-infrared heat is a great therapy during cold months to raise the body temperature, produce sweat, and promote relaxation for those caught in a stress cycle. It provides a feeling of warmth and relaxation directed toward healing and balancing the body.

I personally find the electric light near-infrared sauna superior to other forms in many ways, especially for treating dysfunctions of the gut. When directing the source of heat/light to the lower abdominal area, it heats up nasty fungus, candida yeast bugs, bacteria, and molds and kills them due to their poor heat tolerance.

Even though a traditional sauna has benefits, I highly prefer the electric light infrared incandescent lamp saunas for the conditions focused on in this book.

Using this form of therapeutic light produces a chemical reaction in the mitochondria of your cells that boosts energy production and regeneration that can have positive effects on skin, collagen, and anti-aging; training and muscle recovery; inflammation and joint pain; and melatonin and sleep.

By setting aside time to improve your health and following this program, you make great strides in your health and overall well-being.
1 Preheat sauna to desired heat (115°–120° F to start).
2 Exercise lightly and try not to overexert needed energy balance.
3 Dry skin brush. (Brush toward the heart.)
4 Remove sweat from body in the sauna. (As sweating begins, keep removing
5 Drink adequate water. (Stay well hydrated.)
6 Relax, enjoy, and meditate in the sauna. (Strive for mindfulness meditation.)
7 Exit the sauna, and then sit or lie down for a few minutes to center yourself.
8 Shower with a loofah scrub or exfoliating mitt (no harsh soaps).
9 Towel off, and don’t use body lotions. (Preferably dress in breathable
Be aware of healing reactions (such as fatigue and sense of well-being).

1 Removes stored toxins
2 Improves immune system function
3 Relieves muscle pain
4 Eases joint pain and stiffness
5 Reduces stress and fatigue
6 Improves skin’s appearance and function
7 Improves the appearance of cellulite
8 Fights off chronic illness such as infections, sinus issues, colds, and allergies
9 Induces a deeper sleep
10 Reinforces the mind-body connection with total-body well-being

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