Can we live a healthy full life focusing on just one healthy regiment? Say just eating proper food, or just taking supplements, or just exercising, yoga, or drinking clean water, etc?

Of course not, while one activity may be more beneficial at times than others it does make perfect sense that combining good things are better when it comes to our personal and families health.

Here is the point, healthy activities by themselves are not meant to be a stand alone, it is when you combine the right protocols, that the healthiest benefits are consistently produced.

It is a fact that having good nutrition is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves, especially today. Why? Most foods are processed, we eat plenty of fast food, our soils have depleted minerals, produce overloaded with pesticides, chemical pollution, ingredient names we can’t pronounce and the list goes on.

Why should NIR Infrared be a health consideration today? Yes you can feel better, look better, even have less pain but the biggest reason is to help the body eliminate toxins that we are all exposed to, more so today than ever.

What toxins? We normally do not see toxins, except for maybe something coming out smoke stacks of power plants, businesses and even our homes. Air pollution settles into our soils and water, there are daily air hazard alerts across the globe. The products we use personally on our skin and hair can have accumulating effects. There is a huge list of potential toxic material to deal with in our daily lives.

Many people are made aware when having a simple hair analysis, showing the amount of toxic metals that can accumulate in the body over time, like mercury. Also the lack of minerals that the body requires for optimal health.

What are the best ways to remove toxins?
Chelation and saunas, are two of the best ways to help remove toxins from the human body.

The good news, toxic accumulation is a slow process and you can do something about it. NIR Infrared should be on everyone’s health pyramid.