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The Best Part of Near Infrared Sauna by a clinician

Skin is a major organ of elimination.  Usually, when we think of elimination, we think of using the bathroom.  The liver, bowel, and kidneys also help us eliminate toxins and waste.  Too often, skin is overlooked.  Skin can become congested (just like your sinuses) but the symptoms are more subtle than sinus congestion.
Sweating is an excellent way of removing many types of toxins from the body.  It spares the liver, kidney, and bowel from doing excess work.  Throughout a person’s lifetime, their skin will be exposed to pesticides, radiation, chemicals, car exhaust, and plastics from clothes (polyester).  All of these things can contribute to stress on the skin and lead to skin congestion.  Some people don’t even sweat during exercise.  Talk about congestion!  Near Infrared Sauna promotes healthy circulation to the skin.  This leads to better sweating and ultimately, better removal of toxic substances like pesticides, from the skin.
In our Brookfield, WI clinic, we have a NIR sauna.  We have used it on countless cases to promote toxin removal through the skin and in cases of severe kidney, liver, or bowel stress.  Having a method of toxin removal that does not cause further stress has helped our clients achieve greater health without risk.
I personally have a NIR sauna in my home.  My extended family uses it.  Sometimes I think they use it more than me!  NIR sauna is a powerful tool and benefits any and every type of household.  That is my opinion, based of my experience, and I’m not the guy selling you the NIR sauna!
Drew Detzner
Langlois Vital Nutrition Center

Detoxification: Why it’s so important to me personally.
By Christine Regan Lake

Detox–or to give it its full name ‘detoxification’–has been around for centuries and is a very natural way of getting rid of harmful pollutants that may have built up in our bodies. This is critically important because those toxins and impurities are stored deep within.

the body’s cells and slowly over time, as you become more and more polluted, it begins to have a direct impact on your health. It saps your energy, weakens your cells and, as a result, your body begins to fight back. One negative result of this pollution is that your body–your cells which are trying to survive–begin to mutate. Those toxins in your body are a direct hazard to your body’s health.

As a protective measure, your body takes action against those toxins to make sure they don’t get near your vital organs and cause irreparable harm. It takes those toxins and wraps them in a little sack that is filled with water and then tucks them away in the fatty areas of your body, safely away from your vital organs. Why do they do that? The body does that because most toxins are acidic, and acid will literally eat through your vital organs and even your bones. Go back to your chemistry days in school. Acid is a very powerful substance that can burn through

many substances. To look at the power of acid, just look at your teeth. It is not sugar that rots teeth; it is the acid that sugar turns into once it metabolizes. The acid is what is rotting the teeth, or boring holes in them, so that people need to get cavities filled and/or have a root canal. If that is what acid can do to the enamel of your teeth, what do you think it could do to the soft tissue in your heart, or your lungs, or your stomach?

When you understand the incredibly negative impact that toxins have on your body, you will understand that these toxins will eventually, over time, make you sick, weak, overweight, and lethargic. If you want vibrant health, you must detox and cleanse your body of those harmful impurities on an ongoing basis.

Far too many people are scared of ‘detoxing’ because they don’t understand how it works and what incredible health benefits are gained from it. They also erroneously believe that it will mean going without food for the entire process and existing only on water with the occasional   

shot of lemon juice. This is definitely not the case. Detoxing is a simple, yet one of the most powerful ways you can build a strong foundation for health. It is a way of cleaning out your body, helping to give the internal organs a little breathing space, so that they can recharge and continue to operate as they should.

If you want to be healthy, you must keep you body clean and pure. Toxicity is a major source of health issues for millions of people today. What are the signs of toxicity?

Abdominal pain
Anxiety attacks
Bad breath
Intestinal gas
Bruise easily
Burning or tearing of eyes
Canker sores in mouth
Chronic aches and pains
Chronic rashes Cold hands / feet
Coughs or recurrent bronchitis
Dizziness / loss of balance
Dry mouth or throat
Ear infections
Ear Pain
Excess Mucus
Excessive body odor
Fatigue & Lethargy
Feeling ‘spacey’ or ‘foggy’
Fevers or Chills
Flu-like symptoms
Inability to make decisions
Increased Urination
Loss of sex drive
Lumps/bumps in breast, arm, etc.
Mood swings
Mucus in stools
Muscle weakness
Nausea Neck / Back / Shoulder Pain
Night sweats
Numbness, burning, or tingling
Odorous stools
Pain / swelling in joints
Pain in urinating
Pain or tightness in chest
Wheezing or shortness of breath
Poor memory
Post Nasal Drip
Psoriasis or hives
Rectal itching
Shaking / irritability when hungry
Sinus pressure
Sore throat
Sugar cravings
Troublesome itching
Urinary urgency
Waking in the middle of the night

How can you detox? 

There are multiple ways you can detox the body. You can do fully body cleanses, organ specific cleanses like a kidney cleanse, colon cleanse or liver flush. You can also do colon hydrotherapy and near-infrared light therapy. I personally rotate through all of these protocols. I believe that to maintain long-term health one must work continuously to remove these toxins from the body. We live in a very polluted world and the contaminants are bombarding our body from every direction. Having a solid plan for ongoing detoxification must be a vital part of any long-term health strategies. 

Christine Regan Lake is an author, healer, health researcher and educator. You can find out more about her and her services and resources at ChristineReganLake.com.