We are cellular beings. When our cells are healthy our organs tend to be healthy, when not we can initiate cellular dysfunction, the beginning of most diseases and sickness.

First is Nutrition(what we put in and on our bodies), second is Oxidative Stress (the internal way we age and get sick), the third pillar is Detoxification.

Each is important, we all deal with all three perils’s on different levels daily. It’s been reported that causes of most disease is 10% hereditary and 90% environmental. The world we live in is far different than past generations environmentally. Thus the importance of detoxification.

Infrared sauna use has turned out to be one of the best ways to help the human body detox. Especially NIR Infrared, the studies are In!

Many health modalities should be looked upon as a kind of health insurance; good nutrition, reversing Oxidative Stress damage and using infrared 3-5 times per week.

Rich Susens Sauna Comfort