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The Sauna Comfy – a portable 4 light array


Feel the warmth instantly with 4-250 watt infrared bulbs

Auto shut off/Count down timer/Light selector

Select Wisconsin Basswood lumber

Stainless steel guard over bulbs (helps protect you and the bulbs)

NIR Infrared Sauna Therapy Manual by Dr Wilson and eyewear

UL approved controls and electronics

Use on counter/table top/chair or hang from support, includes stainless hanging hooks

Dimensions with stand  20″W x 24″H,  17 pounds / power consumption 8.3 amps, less than half of most other types of saunas

How it works video

Ships 1-3 days of order

Free Shipping USA Mainland and Canada-  Questions? Call Toll Free 833-711-0700

*Many people start off with just our Sauna Comfy, they use it in a second bathroom or bedroom, etc. It will stand up on its own so about anything at the right height will work to set it on. Unlike other saunas, with NIR infrared you feel heat instantly, same whether someone is sitting in an enclosure or not. There are two phases people go through with sauna use, the second phase, deep heating, sweating and more will be greatly enhanced with an enclosure.  Our full Basswood or Comfortable Convertible Canvas enclosures are designed to be used with the portable Sauna Comfy 4 light array.

Add an enclosure or other options at any time, combination pricing available, or use offset 6% coupon on purchase of single non sales items only, use at checkout.




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Sauna Comfy

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15 reviews for Sauna Comfy (Portable Sauna)

  1. Dick G. Northern California

    I used a single clamp on lamp for 6 months while I studied 4 lamp units for sale. They were high priced without the extra features you offer.Your units are clearly the best and well thought out.

  2. Shari J Southern California

    This was my 1st time purchasing a NIR infared sauna. The craftsman ship is top quality. Being able to just turn on lower or higher bulbs or all of them was not a feature that I knew I needed but I find myself using. I use all the bulbs for 20 minutes and just the upper bulb for face and neck for 5 -10 minutes. It’s great to have a built in timer too. I love that it is on its own stand and I was easily able to convert a closet into a sauna.

    This sauna system will get you sweating!

    I use it 6 nights a week for the past few months.

    The benefits I’ve experienced are:
    1) it’s turning back the clock on my skin texture and it gives skin a glow.
    2) I have low thyroid and have been using upper bulb on my neck and I sware it’s helped my thyroid and I’ve lost 10 pounds.
    3) It has reduced inflammation in my neck and shoulders so I go to the chiropractor less.

    Rich was a pleasure to communicate with and really cares about the integrity of his products.

    • Rich Sauna Comfort

      Thank you Shari,
      You were one of our first shipments to California. It is great to hear about your experiences and please add additional comments at anytime.

  3. Barbara S North Carolina

    Great quality and features. Used the instructions in the manual to build a tent. Works perfectly and was very cost effective. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you Rich for answering my questions promptly. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

  4. Kimberly L Northern California

    This is the best purchase I’ve made in 10 years!. After a toxic mold exposure I needed something to help me detox. This unit is hands down the best one I’ve found for many reasons. The design, craftsmanship, care, safety and efficacy of this product make it worth every penny and more. You are truly a wealth of knowledge and have created a superior product with amazing results!

  5. JOHN B From Nevada


  6. Audrey North Dakota

    We could not be more happy with our comfy. The design is top notch and truly impressive. We are telling everyone we know that when they are ready to implement near infrared therapy, this is truly the company to order from! Rich has been extremely helpful in answering questions and I appreciate the warmth I feel when corresponding with him! Very highly recommended!

  7. Dennis W Nashville, TN

    I am truely impressed with the Comfy-it is well designed and constructed. I like the fact that you can turn on the bulbs individually-a great feature. I also like the fact that the unit is sent is Therabulbs, which is a bulb that is specifically made for near infrared therapy. It is obvious that Rich wants his customers to have a safe experience with the enclosure of the GFI plug and safety lenses. Rich is also great to work with and I appreciate a lot his willingness to answer all of my questions-thank you Rich for a great buying experience

  8. Debbie R from Wisconsin

    I highly recommend the “Sauna Comfy”!!!! I love love love it!! I did my research on the various types of Saunas out there and am extremely happy with my decision to go with the near infrared “Sauna Comfy”. We have 2 homes and this unit is so portable that I can bring it back and forth easily! The unit itself is super well made and I love the fact that it is Made In America!!! Customer Service was great! Thank you Rich for all of your help!

  9. Rodolfo D. Michigan

    After doing extensive research, I contacted Rich to purchase this unit. He was great to deal with and answered all my questions. Shipping was fast and the Comfy with accessories were carefully packed. The unit is beautifully crafted, very functional and works very well. It also comes with a quick reference guide, a copy of Dr. Wilson’s book, protective eyewear and a surge protector. The built-in timer and varying intensity levels (one, two or four bulbs may be used) make it very easy to use for a variety of therapy modalities. If you are looking for an out of the box unit that is well engineered and will give you many years of enjoyment, the Comfy is your best choice!

  10. Denise H from Iowa

    So glad I decided on a sauna comfy. The product is high quality. I suffer from Lyme disease and have not been able to sweat for years. With Lyme treatment it is very important to detox and that is a big reason why I purchased this. After about a month of working up my time using it, I am starting to sweat! I love that this is portable. I use it in my bedroom closet so I don’t need any extra space for this. Rich was great to work with and answered my questions and had great followup emails as well. You won’t regret this purchase.

  11. Michelle K. BC, Canada

    From the start Rich was a pleasure to deal with. He promptly and patiently answered my questions every time. He was never pushy with selling but wanted to get all the details right. Much appreciated. The package was extremely well-packed. The unit is SOLID. I have considered various vendors prior but chose to buy from Sauna Comfort based on the comprehensive features of their product and the excellent customer service. The Comfy has 4 bulbs with the frequency and wattage that I wanted. It also has a built-in timer as well as 3 separate on/off switches to control each row of light bulbs. The unit is portable but can be easily affixed onto an enclosure. We used to own an electrically-heated sauna with rocks onto top which took at least 1/2 hour to pre-heat. The Sauna Comfy turns on and is hot instantly and doesn’t require any preheating, it is warm, gentle and relaxing. We are overall very happy with this purchase!

  12. Teresa S. Texas

    Love my comfy. Very well built and it works perfectly. Thank you so much.

  13. LS WA

    I was using two clamp on lamps for a year and a half based on Dr. Lawrence Wilson’s nutritional balancing program. The program and the lamps were helping me heal in amazing ways. After reading Dr. Wilson’s Sauna Therapy book, I decided to try a 4 lamp Sauna Comfy. It is wonderful! The unit is well designed and well built and the heat is a lot stronger and better distributed than the two clamp on lamps. I start sweating in about 10 minutes.

    I also got the stand and the chair, they make it a lot easier to rotate during the sauna session.

    Very nice stand. Well made and sturdy. No sharp edges.
    My only request is for a shorter version. I’m 5’3″ and the bench and chair are both a bit tall for me.

  14. Sara – Wisconsin

    I love my comfy sauna! The ease of use, space saving and amazing quality I can’t say enough about. The heat of the sauna instantly melts and relaxes me and feels so good. I always sleep great after my sessions. I talked my brother in Colorado to purchasing one as well and he enjoys it also. Rich is very supportive and is committed to his customer’s satisfaction.

    Nourishing Wellness

  15. Paul W. Tucson Az.

    I ditto the above testimonials. Kim and I started using our Comfy in Dec of 2017, I started with 20 minutes twice and day and am up to 40 minutes twice per day. Kim started with 6 minutes once a day and at times it detoxed her to much and she had to cut back a few minutes, at present she is up to 33 minutes daily. Her energy levels have improved, and she is sleeping more soundly. Her adrenals have been also improving.

    My swelling in my feet has decreased to where my socks barely leave an indent, blood pressure has fallen to that of my younger years ( seventy at present ), my legs are lighter and stronger, there is a bit more of a spring in them, I have some varicose veins in my left leg that have decreased dramatically with the drop in blood pressure and much of the time they are gone.

    The book “Sauna Therapy” was excellent. The information regarding the balancing of the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous systems caused by NIR was the best bit of news, as well as “Shock Proteins” and all of the other fine affects of NIR saunas.

    When someone asks what is the one thing they can do at home that is inexpensive and effective, NIR saunas is my answer. When they ask where do I go to buy, there is only one answer, “ Rich and the Crew deliver Quality and Service.

    It’ll be great to see what our heavy metal and blood work looks like 6 months to 2 years down the road.

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