There is not a day that goes by that we do not hear about EMF’s. There are many claims being made and lots of money too. This is not going away, what to do?

In my research over the past 5-6 years, I have invested in a few EMF reducing products. New ones are being introduced all the time, from $40-$5000. Let the buyer beware, many of these companies are very slick in ad’s and with claims. Meters alone can run in the hundreds even thousands.

What are some practical solutions that do work? For starters invest in a programmable timer for the WiFi in your own home, one that shuts the WiFi and router down overnight (Home Depot -$20.00) Secondly there are affordable shields that can cover WiFi, routers even smart meters in your home or office. EMF Shielding

Limit time on cell phones, pads and computers. A rule we have adopted is that whenever we are with others, we are with others. Meaning if someone enters my space, or visa versa, we stop any online activity. Whether at home or not. It is an easy habit to follow and if you think about it, that message, email or video will be there when you are ready, the person(s) may not be.

You can always set some personal designated work time perimeters. Long term practical EMF solutions can be found and are available without spending in the $1000’s or higher.


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