There is not a day that goes by that we do not hear about EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Frequency’s). Personally energy is a passion, I was in the energy field for many years. Our entire shop operates without AC, everything we make and ship is produced off grid, with solar energy. EMF’s are primarily an AC (alternating current) issue, power plant produced.

In my research over the past 5-6 years, I have invested in a few EMF reducing products. New ones are being introduced all the time, from $40.00-$5000. Meters alone can run in the hundreds even thousands of dollars.

What are some practical solutions that can help? For starters invest in a programmable timer for the WiFi in your own home, one that shuts the WiFi and router down overnight (Home Depot -$20.00) Atleast while you and your family sleep there can be a significant drop in EMF’s. If I could have my neighbors do likewise that would be awesome. I do believe I sleep more sound. Secondly there are affordable shields that can cover WiFi, routers even smart meters in your home or office. EMF Shielding

We can’t escape, we will need to work with technology. Other emitters are the wiring in our homes, lights, toasters, tv’s, meters, most items pluged into a wall socket.

We can limit exposure, less time on cell phones, pads and computers, head phones, especially young people. You can always set personal designated work time perimeters. Long term practical EMF solutions can be found.

Coming soon across the globe is 5G, a much more power WIFI.  Maybe they will come with built in auto shutdown timers?? The more you know the more you can be aware of potential dangers.

I am involved with a company called Off Grid Central, the company’s focus is off grid living, appliances and more. Take washing and drying of clothes for an example, this alone accounts for roughly 12-15% of the energy needs of the USA. There are approximately 8500 power plants in the USA(one MW or larger) producing power 24/7, about 60-70% are run on fossil fuels. This means that there are about 800+ power plants running to wash and dry clothes. If 60% burn fossil fuels, the bottom line is that there are 400+ power plants using fossil fuels running 24/7 for laundry.

Off Grid Central offers off grid washers and off grid spin dryers, off grid refrigerators and freezers and more. Cutting ones carbon footprint can be cut drastically by choice of appliances alone. Rather than just investing in cleaner power plants, investing in zero demand appliances maybe a better choice long term.

Whether lowering EMF exposure or lowering ones energy demand, it takes knowledge and a different mind set, not to follow the status quo.