Near-infrared light

The new Mini-Comfy (see Shop page)


250watt NIR Infrared lamp. Made from the same basswood and stainless steel components we make Comforts and Comfy’s from. Perfect for focused red light and heat therapy, use practically anywhere. For those on the go, the portables are convenient, light and affordable. Sometimes all you need or have time for is spot on therapy for a sore muscle, isolated pain, a skin condition or other concern. The Mini-Comfy is perfect to travel with, set up in a convenient location and use several times a day.


We are now offering the Mighty Comfy stool, a cross between a conventional stool and a saddle. With a range of motion up and down that also swivels. Build for comfort and relaxation. There is nothing better to feel than natural basswood that conforms to your body. We start off by making basswood butcher block, each seat is then cut out and hand carved finished.

The MightyComfy

The custom basswood seat allows for those that can to rest feet on top of stool. Perfect for focusing color light therapy on feet and lower legs.


In addition, we have the Comfy Bench available now. Designed to work perfectly with the Comfy and Mighty Comfy’s. Another option is our Comfy wall mount. Once secured on a wall, no bench or table needed. When not using with the Comfy, will second as a picture/art holder.


We are excited to soon be offering a brand new canvas tent option. It will be light, easy to put up or take down. It will be made of organic Hemp/Cotton and all cotton Canvas with a basswood frame. Set up and designed to work exclusively with the Comfy and Mighty Comfy stool.

Watch the Shop page for details. As soon as we can have photography taken we will load onto site.


Next year 2019 we will be offering a brand new two person all basswood sauna, two people can use at the same time or a single person can too. One person can even lay down for complete relaxation and rejuvenation.


Any questions or comments please call Toll Free 833-711-0700 or text 920-246-5159