Hi, my name is Jennifer, I’ll be sharing my health journey here in this blog. I recently purchased and began using a near infrared Comfy.

A brief introduction of my background

After over 40 doctors and naturopaths, a lot time and money, we are still seeking wellness.

My 12 year old daughter and I battle Chronic Lyme, other tick borne disease (Bartonella, Babesia, Epstein Barr), Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (Mrthfr) genetic mutation (which causes our detox system to be dis-functional), and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (which is an over-reactive histamine reaction to many things) as well as fungal and mold toxicity.

I was misdiagnosed in 2011 with several autoimmune diseases, taking medications that made me worse, before taking a natural route to healing. To start healing, I needed to detox toxins and medications from my body.

Currently I’m still unable to treat the Lyme disease as my immune system thinks everything I put in my body is harmful, therefore causing an allergic reaction. While this is labeled Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, it’s also possibly caused by toxicity of mold/fungal, heavy metals, and free radicals.

Detox is where I’m starting. I researched infrared therapy, and found it to be noninvasive approach, to begin our healing journey! In less than 2 weeks of using, I noticed I was able to sleep without constant nightmares and woke feeling refreshed. Something I’ve not experienced in years! I already noticed my body detoxing.

Why I chose to incorporate infrared light in finding renewal in health

As I’ve shared, a large factor preventing my daughter and I from healing in our battle with Lyme disease is that we have developed mast cell activation syndrome and mthfr. We have histamine reactions to almost anything we put in or on our body. Taking medication or supplements are not an option for us. We are unable to properly treat Lyme and the co-infections we fight.

I noticed our health improved greatly in summer when we were able to draw naturally from the sun and sweat to promote detox. I’ll also add that we were able to organically grow and consume our own food.

Toxins in the body can lead to malfunction in the immune system. The idea of infrared light to help us detox and improve our immune system in a non-invasive way is proving itself!

Since using the infrared sauna lamps we slowly started adding some supplements and vitamins to our regimen. We have had great results without reactions. This is a huge factor, and I am looking forward to only more progress.

Stimulating and improving circulation with infrared

As many of us face colder temperatures during winter we may feel the annoying effects of poor circulation.

I struggle with Raynaud’s syndrome. This is where fingers, toes, tips of ears, nose, or parts of the body become very cold, sometimes discolored and can be very painful, due to a lack of blood supply.

Since using my Comfy to experience the wonderful effects Infrared light, my symptoms from Raynaud’s syndrome have become significantly less!

I’m really excited! I have been able spend more quality time outdoors with my family and enjoying winter sports!

I’m grateful I reached out to Rich. He has been very helpful and genuine in caring or the wellness of others. I’m looking forward to how near infrared light will contribute healing journey. I’m also excited to share my family’s healing journey with you.

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