There is a lot of discussion regarding using natural ways to fight cancer.  Dr. Lawrence Wilson wrote extensively about using infrared saunas, specifically about using Near Infrared in his book; Sauna Therapy, for Detoxification and Healing.

He states that there are over a dozen infrared lamp therapeutic methods to fight cancer, one important benefit is inhibiting the Sympathetic Nervous System in our bodies. This is our bodies normal response to stress, it strongly inhibits digestion, immune response and other elimination organ function.

The sympathetic nervous system is the fight or flight response to stress, of all kinds real and/or imagined. The parasympathetic nervous system is the opposite, a relaxed state. In this relaxed state the human body can heal, reset, detox, rejuvenate and much more.

Infrared lamp therapy inhibits the sympathetic nervous system, allowing the body to relax and heal itself.  Only in the parasympathetic state can the body remove toxins including most pesticides, hundreds of other toxic chemicals and a number of extremely toxic metals as well, like mercury.

Inhibiting the Sympathetic Nervous System Relaxes and Heals the Body. Volumes have been written about the benefits of meditation, this relaxed state can be addictive and highly beneficial to many people. We hear back from many customers using our Infrared lamp therapy equipment. The number one comment we hear back; “we use almost if not everyday”.

Number one reason is ease of use, once set up, its just easy to use. There’s no pre heat time, use as little as 5-10 minutes or 20-30 minutes per session, anytime of day.  People say it is their quality time of day, peace time, their time. And people see and feel the difference using Near Infrared therapy.

How many of us have purchased that wonderful piece of exercise equipment only to see limited or no use weeks or months after. Simply not so for Near Infrared!

Hyperthermia Damages and Helps Kill Cancer Tissue

Hyperthermia is a well-known method of disabling weaker and more heat-sensitive cancers. While saunas are not nearly as potent as hyperthermia at 106-108 degrees, infrared saunas can heat the body a few degrees, causing a fever. This is a much gentler method, much slower, but safer method and easier to tolerate and control.

Infrared lamp saunas are much better for this purpose than traditional saunas because near infrared saunas penetrate the skin and heat the tissues several inches inside the’body. Also, lights can be directed right at the cancer, which cannot be done with any other sauna, including far infrared or traditional types of saunas. This is another powerful advantage of the near infrared lamp sauna.

Improving Circulation Powerfully Removes Dead Cancer Tissue and Greatly Supports Nutrition and Oxygenation of the Body

Cancer often grows in tissues with poor circulation. This is unfortunately a cause of cancer all by itself. Saunas powerfully shunt the blood from the internal organs to the periphery of the body in an attempt to get rid of the heat. They also increase circulation to the lungs, improving oxygenation. This combination has a powerful stimulating effect on circulation. This can be an incalculable benefit for cancer patients, many of whom cannot or should not exercise much, and is particularly good for older patients as well for this same reason.