Attention all NIR Infrared users: it would be so beneficial for others to hear your actual real experiences.

Many of our customers have been using lamp saunas with or without an enclosure for 1-2-3 and 4 years. Please share your thoughts and experiences with others, most importantly the people researching natural ways to stay healthy.

If you left a prior review, add a short update to how you are doing, feeling or any thoughts others may relate too.

If you have never given us a review, it would be very much appreciated if you could. No personal information with be given out.

How to leave a review? Open

go to shop page, click on item you purchased, click on reviews, on the very bottom of reviews there is a box that says add your own review.

Any comments or thoughts from you will help many other people, including other practitioners. We hope someday there will be actual studies of personal benefits from long term users of Near Infrared Therapy.

Thank you,

Sauna Comfort primarily manufactures whole body Near Infrared Sauna’s and equipment. We personally have seen the benefits for over 5 years, we hear back from many of our customers on the benefits they are experiencing.

We believe there is more to Near Infrared than meets the eye. (No pun intended). So, something that caught our interest recently, we’d like to pass along. This is not an endorsement, this is an introduction to something that has potential to help people. Vielight, see link below

With our family and friends, like many of yours, we have experienced Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease over the years with few good options available.

We have arranged a 10% discount coupon (SCIR) at checkout for any of Vielight products for our customers and clients that may have interest.

They offer complete information and can answer many questions one may have.

Sauna Comfort