incandescent vs led for infrared light therapy

Infrared saunas are continuing to grow in popularity, with Google Trends showing peak interest in the search term “infrared sauna” occurring most recently during weeks in February and March 2021.

With so many companies now offering solutions, we often get questions about the differences in solutions on the market and specifically people are questioning the type of light and bulbs.

Within the dry, infrared category, there are generally two types: far infrared (also referred to as FAR) or near infrared (also referred to as NIR) saunas. At Sauna Comfort, we focus exclusively on near infrared saunas as it utilizes half the energy and emits zero electromagnetic fields (EMFs) compared to FAR, while providing numerous health and wellness benefits.

Furthermore, there are generally two types of bulbs that are offered: incandescent or light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Incandescent light bulbs are considered more conventional and emit light by heating the filament. They come in a wide range of wattages and voltages. LEDs are more energy efficient and produce light by passing the electric current through a semiconducting material (the diode) which then emits photons (light).

After research and personal use, we have chosen to focus on incandescent near infrared light therapy at Sauna Comfort. We encourage you to do your own research and find reputable sources in finding a solution that works best for you. For instance, learn more about the incandescent versus LED in this interview with Dr. Wunsch and Dr. Mercola.