Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty policy?

We have a simple warranty:  if one of our sauna products breaks, we arrange to fix it for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase.  (Infrared bulbs are excluded. Bulbs are normally rated to last for 1000’s of hours.)

  • All walls and components are interchangeable.  If there is a problem we can simply exchange that part.
  • Stainless will not rust away.
  • Our products are made for inside use only,  basswood will last as long as a home.
  • All electrical parts are stock items and in stock, also available from multiple other local sources.

Should I consult with a healthcare practitioner?

This is highly recommended. We all have different levels of health, toxicity and other factors to consider while using near infrared (NIR) sauna therapy. If you need help finding a qualified and certified health practitioner please contact us.

With each purchase a Sauna Comfort or Sauna Comfy, we include the complete manual on Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing by Dr Wilson.

Where and when do we ship?

We include free shipping to USA mainland.  An additional $50.00 for Canada shipments to cover extra costs. We can accommodate power requirements for any county in the world.

We ship all orders in order as they come in. In stock items ship with-in several days, out of stock items need to be finished and packaged. As a small custom handcrafted shop we appreciate your patience in fulfilling your order.

What type of sealer is used on the basswood?

A water based sealer that has zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

What are the dimensions of the full Sauna Comfort?

Standard outside dimensions 48 3/4” x 47 1/4” x 78” tall″. We build custom sizes and configurations to meet customer requirements. The door can also be placed on any of three walls.

Can I order the portable Sauna Comfy first and maybe an enclosure later?

Yes. Many people start out with the portable Sauna Comfy. Our Sauna Comfy’s are designed and built to be incorporated into either our basswood or natural canvas tent enclosures, should you determine to buy at a later point in time.

Do I need to preheat the sauna?

Generally no. Once you set the timer you will feel heat instantly. However, if your sauna is located in a cooler part of your home or temperature is lower, preheating for several minutes can warm the space quickly for a comfy entrance.

What about EMF’s with NIR/Near Infrared?

EMF’s are a non-issue using Sauna Comfort’s equipment. Three considerations; first we sit 16-18 inches away from bulbs (zero emf’s), second incandescent bulbs are the safest to use, additionally we incorporate the Faraday effect by grounding all our stainless steel guards.

Can I get a sun burn using near infrared lamps?

No, there is no UV with NIR/Near Infrared but you can get a burn from heat if you get too close or touch a hot bulb. We recommend you stay a comfortable 16-20 inches away from infrared bulbs. We suggest wearing normal sunglasses while using infrared. There is no UV but lights can be extremely bright. Learn more about near infrared light.

What type of bulbs are recommended?

We recommend quality 250 watt, red blown glass Near Infrared bulbs, with no teflon or coatings. As a convenience we supply brand name bulbs with our sauna equipment. Customers also have an option for a $10 refund per bulb allowing them to shop separately for bulbs.

Bulbs that come with our sauna equipment typically last 1000’s of hours. Customers can order replacement bulbs online.

Can I use near infrared therapy while taking medications or drugs?

Always check with your doctor before using any type of sauna, especially when taking prescription drugs.​

Why we do not have large glass windows and doors?

Primarily for privacy and a safety reasons. As an example, children or pets may be in the vicinity while using the Sauna. Our products are also used in clinics/offices offering NIR Infrared therapy services and privacy is a necessity.

How far away from near infrared lights and how often to use?

Distance from bulbs is generally from 16-20 inches.

Frequency can depend on a number of factors; how you feel, if you have certain health conditions, etc. It is best to start off slow, 3-5 minutes per day and increase time slowly. The benefits of near-infrared (NIR) color light therapy are accumulative, using 4-5 days per week for 20 minute sessions would be better than 30-45 minutes once or twice a week. For certain conditions, using less time more than once daily can also be very beneficial.

Where should I focus lights and for how long?

Common practice is to focus the lights between the thyroid and groin for best results. It is also recommended to go for short periods of 4-5 minutes on face or head. You can also focus light on feet and legs.

Generally it is best to rotate the body 90 or 180 degrees roughly every 4-6 minutes. A comfortable stool that swivels is ideal, such as our Mighty Comfy Stool! Also worth noting, it is important to replace minerals lost by daily sweating, use products like Trace Minerals.

A total time of 20-25 minutes daily once acclimated is ideal.

Do we build FAR infrared saunas?

We exclusively manufacture NIR/Near Infrared equipment. We certainly could build FAR Infrared saunas, they have their benefits. The majority of FAR infrared Sauna’s however are built in China, many company’s simply have their Brand name put on. Claims made to avoid NIR Infrared are made mainly by those selling or receiving commissions on FAR infrared units.