We have a warranty that is simple;  if it breaks, we arrange to fix it for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase.   (Infrared bulbs are excluded. They are normally rated for 1000's of hours.)   All walls and components are interchangeable.   If there is a problem we can simply exchange that part.  The Comfy is easy to install or remove from the full Sauna Comfort for portability. No tools required. 

Should I consult with a healthcare practitioner?

This is highly recommended. We all have different levels of health, toxicity and other factors to consider while using NIR Infrared therapy. If you need help finding a qualified and certified health practitioner please contact us. 

Where are the Comforts, Comfys and Mini's made?

At our shop in Wisconsin. The stainless steel guards are manufactured at a Wisconsin facility. We also source locally grown quality basswood lumber. 

What type of sealer do we use on Basswood?

A water based sealer, has zero VOC's and is easy to clean with just a damp cloth.   

What size is the full Sauna Comfort?

Standard size is 48"x48"x82". The LX-2 is 48"x 72"x82"with 2 Comfy's. We can and do custom build different sizes and configurations to meet customer requirements. Door can be placed on any of three walls.

Can I order the portable Sauna Comfy first and maybe the full sauna later?

Yes, if you want to start out to see how you like NIR Infrared light therapy, the Comfy maybe all you need. Many people start out with a single bulb option. *Order the Mini-Comfy and get 50% back in discount if you upgrade to Comfy or Comfort models at anytime.

Do I need to preheat the sauna?

No, turn on and feel heat instantly, NIR Infrared is more convenient to use daily. There is no wasted time or energy pre-heating. 

Can I get sun burn using NIR Infrared?

No, but you can get a burn from heat if you get to close or touch a hot bulb. Generally you stay a comfortable 18-20 inches away from infrared bulbs. 

Can I use NIR Infrared therapy while taking medications or drugs?

The best answer is always check with your doctor before using any type of sauna especially when taking prescription drugs.​

Can I turn one or two bulbs on instead of all four?

Yes, we have options for 1, 2, 3 or all 4 bulbs in operation. This option can be very handy when you want more focused light/heat therapy, say on an arm, back, leg, shoulder, hand, does wonders for complexion and your golf game.  

Why we do not have large glass windows and doors like other saunas?

Its a privacy and a safety factor primarily for children or pets that may be in the vicinity while using the Sauna Comfort.

How often can I use NIR Infrared light therapy?

There is no one answer for everyone. Depends on a number of factors; time available, how you feel, if you have certain health conditions? It is best always to start off very slow, 3-5 minutes per day and increase time slowly. The benefits of NIR Infrared are accumulative, using 5-7 days weekly for 15-20 minutes would be much better than 30-45 minutes once or twice a week. For certain conditions or goals, using more than once daily can also be very beneficial. 

Will we offer a custom stool?

Yes, we have one in design. Basswood and steel, with a range of motion up and down that also swivels.  Ergonomically designed, it can also be used inside or outside saunas for everyday use.