NIR Infrared sauna use is one of the most powerful, safest ways to detox the body. Volumes have been written and published on the benefits of detoxification. Benefits to regular sauna use

One of the major differences of NIR Infrared saunas is how it is used. Most saunas treat the body as a whole, hot rock and far infrared, one is hotter than the other but similar in that you step in and sit.

With NIR Infrared, we focus lights mainly between the thyroid and groin, we rotate every 4-6 minutes. This increases circulation throughout the body but especially the internal organs. When we sleep, our liver is hard at work doing what it is meant to do, detox, same for the kidneys, digestive system, etc.

You do detox through the skin when sweating but the majority is through the bodies normal processes, and this is where NIR Infrared benefits shine with daily use. Multiplicity of uses with accumulative benefits=NIR Infrared.

How does one know whether or not they need to detox? One way is to do hair analysis for heavy metals and mineral levels in the body. I have recently had my own hair analysis done, this has been very eye opening.

Can you detox with Near Infrared without an enclosure? This is a common question, the short answer is yes over time. An enclosure is important if detoxing is a main goal, however you can start out with just the Comfy, get acclimated and add either Canvas or wood at anytime. The Comfy will still be a portable sauna unit you can always take with you.

A lot of care is put into a properly built enclosure, whether canvas or wood. The enclosure will heat up along with a person inside, materials used are very important, mainly because of off gassing of potential harmful chemicals or compounds. You are better off without an enclosure over an improperly constructed one.

An important note about sweating. We all sweat differently, the more you use NIR Infrared the more easily you sweat. Make sure you replace lost minerals with products like Trace Minerals. I highly suggest reaching out to healthcare practitioners that use and understand NIR Infrared sauna use in your area.

On this blog I will share my personal results and view point for my own detoxification. I started by ordering my own hair analysis test. *We do not offer hair analysis or other type testing.


September 2017

Results are in; my mineral levels are all over the place, also showing some toxic metal levels. Now, it’s been just over a month since I started following a formal detox and supplement program. I am following my health care practitioners advice to the letter. This does have a way of grabbing your attention.

I am consuming more cooked vegetables, also on a precise diet and vitamin program along with daily detox time in the sauna. At least 5 sessions a week in the sauna is about the best I can do because of my schedule.

How do I feel? My concentration is noticeably more focused, I notice that I am more tired, can sleep anytime anywhere. No other reactions that I have heard others having.

In less than 2 months I will retest and then I can see where this may go. I am optimistic for future results, it’s does take a commitment to follow which I am more than willing to do.

My wife will start sweating in 5-6 minutes, it takes me 10-12 minutes and this is either inside a sauna enclosure or just in front of the lights in a second bathroom or bedroom.

That may sound strange to some, but the more you sweat the easier it is to sweat. You can also use a body brush before beginning for even better results.


Mid January 2018

I have completed the first 3 months of the program, I retested and results are in. I made improvements in all areas, less toxic metals, went from being a fast oxidizer to a slow oxidizer, more balanced mineral levels. Personally I have noticed several things happening, first is focus and concentration has definitely improved. This has been something I have always struggled with, the mind wondering, unable to shut thinking down and just relax. Better and deeper sleep and just noticing things around me more, more awareness is a good description.

For the next three months there are supplemental changes now recommended, I have just ordered these new supplements and will begin the next phase. So far I am pleased with results to date and will continue to follow the suggested program.


July 2018

My third test test results are in. Simplest explanation I can give is my mineral levels are balanced, toxic metal level has dropped to nil. In my personal opinion, having the analysis has been worth it! Through it all I believe I have a better understanding on how to take care of myself for the rest of my life.

I feel better, focus better, sleep better, definitely now eat better, I am in control of my health! As Dr Raymond Francis says, there are only two causes of any disease, “deficiency and toxicity”, and saunas are a must have for the latter.

A final note; up till the time of doing the first hair analysis I was using a shotgun approach to my own healthcare. It’s easy to start taking hands full of vitamins and minerals daily, with the hope of staying healthy. I certainly felt ok, all the claims made about this or that nutrient made me believe I was protected inside and out.

Today I spend less on nutrients, I have zeroed in on what my body needs and I feel wonderful. Will I continue with testing? Yes even if occasionally to stay nutritionally and mineral balanced.

Lastly, my blood pressure has always been an issue, this runs in my family. I will report that after two years of regular sauna use, with balanced nutrition and diet I finally have my blood pressure under control. Consistently now 110-120/65-70 versus 140/90(++). Do I take BP medication? I have taken a low dose for years, but in the past few months I have cut that pill in half, the only medication I take.

Rich, Sauna Comfort