Another year

It’s a new year and I would like to share what is happening with supply of Infrared bulbs in the US.

As of early 2023 distributors are no longer able to import incessant lamps. That being said infrared heat lamps are excluded from this ban.

We have many bulbs in stock for our customers. They generally do last a very long time, many bulbs lasting 3-5+ years with normal use. Currently we ship 250watt Phillips or Satco brand bulbs, Satco is a little hotter bulb using the same wattage.

There seems to be interest today in using hotter bulbs. While we do not recommend, if you are using our Comfy Classic you should be aware of allowable wattage. The timer is rated for 1800 watts, we use 1000 watts with all four bulbs on. However incandescent lamps require more starting wattage, incandescent lamps operate this way. If you do change to using 300watt lamps be aware that you may shorten the life of the timer. The solution, turn two bulbs off with switches prior to turning lamps on, once on, turn remaining lamps on. You will be starting only two lamps at a time and not have over wattage issues.

The following link will clarify which bulbs to consider, cutting through much of the hype on the internet.

Rich Sauna Comfort