We back it up

Our Mission

To design and make high quality NIR Infrared Sauna Equipment to help bring personalized therapy into your own home in order to live a healthier life.


Born in the USA

Our manufacturing shop is off grid, we use battery powered tools powered by solar energy only. Wood heat is used during the Wisconsin winter months.

We source material and parts locally when ever possible, manufacturing in-house, with everything being shipped as handcrafted and made to last. However, this would matter little if people did not personally receive benefits from using our equipment. We know that they do, because we too see the benefits first hand. 

You don't have to take our word for it, read the reviews on the shop page.

There is much to learn about NIR Infrared.  When you finish your research, let us handcraft something just for you.

Much of what we do is custom built to order, but we do try to keep the portable Comfy units in stock and ready to ship.



" Our products were born in the USA and they're made in the USA.  "